7Jul '11

Summer Playlist

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It seems appropriate timing to do a music post – I have had two people ask me in the last week to share my current musical obsessions and Vancouver Island Music Fest weekend seems like the right time to do it. 

So in no specific order here is a tad of what we are playing in the office these days:
1. Good Old War  – this band is opening up for Allison Krauss tonight, I googled them awhile back and they have been on heavy rotation since. I am always the gal at a show that seems to be there to see the opening band. 
2. Caro Emerald – my friend Lindsey turned me on to this and he probably owes Christine an apology because I listen to it pretty much every day in the office. 
3. Beastie Boys – new album is called Hot Sauce Committee, need I say more?
4. Broken Bells – Music I try to sing along with, unsuccessfully, but who cares 
5. Taio Cruz – This is so not my musical style, but when your four daughters beg you to put it on your ipod then all sing along with it in the car, how can I resist. 
6. The Zolas – a Vancouver Band that makes me happy
7. Emily Spiller – a little hometown love on the list. Emily is making huge waves, and has a fabulous sound and stage precence. If you haven’t seen her yet, you should, and then you can also say “I saw her when….”
And what is on your playlist right now?