10Dec '10

Down with Bierber, Up with Sue, Helen & Sarah

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I am feeling proud right now of the little people in their house.

Although there is the occasional threat of Beiber Fever, it self-extinguishes pretty fast around here. There is a wee-bit of Katy Perry love, but it is moody and rare.

Mostly – It’s about Sue, Helen and Sarah.

I can now sing along to every single Sue Pyper song. For almost six months Selah has been listening to an alternating rotation of of Sue Pyper and Sarah Hagen CDs, and in the car Helen Austin accompanies us.

Sue-Fever has hit it’s pique, with Selah and Gabby bargaining over who get’s which of her two CD’s to listen to at nighttime.

The two things Selah put on her Santa List:

– Lava Lamp and a new Sue Pyper CD. That’s all. Not quite as easy to fulfill as the year she wanted a quesadilla, but close.
The first I can do, the second, well, I don’t think Sue can write and record a new CD in the next three weeks – although she is pretty fabulous.

We love to shop local in this family, we work hard to avoid the Beiber’s, and we like to give gifts that don’t end up in the children’s junk drawer. If you are still trying to sort out some gift ideas check out our local musicians, they can always use our support, they are darn talented, and the cool thing is you can take your kids to see them live, and get some serious parent cred’ without paying $79 for a ticket.

On the same track, we always look forward to Helen Austin, Judy Wing and Sue Pyper’s Voices Three Concert. It is a fund-raiser for the Comox Valley Hospice Society and an absolutely fabulous night out, moving and hilarious. I scheduled my holiday around it.I also am very proud to be a sponsor of the event.  You can purchase tickets at the Sid Williams Theatre.

I have the good fortune of having Helen, Sue, Judy and  Sarah as clients and I should probably pull out some of the photos from their sessions to go along with this blog post, but I’m not much into should’s today.

So, go get their CD and then you will have the photos yourselves.

You can find them at:

Helen Austin:  http://www.helenaustin.com/music.html ,itunes, Bop City and Sound Advice. 

Sue Pyper:   www.suepyper.com  Bop City and Sound Advice

Sarah Hagen: www.sarahhagen.com/buycd.htm, itunes,  Sound Advice, Sushi Kobo and Silhouette Dance.  in Vancouver at Sikora’s Classical Record

Take that Bieber!