24Aug '10

Stefanie and David say I do


Stefanie and David are some of the most down to earth, honest to goodness nice people a gal could ever photograph. It was such a treat to be at their wedding.  People came from all over the world to celebrate with them. It was an intimate affair, in that you felt  that you were at a secret, very special party and that everyone there was close enough with the bride or groom to have an “inside joke” with them. Everyone definitely felt comfortable to let loose. The tears were flowing during the ceremony and people were unconsciously letting loose on the dance floor later in the evening.

Every bit of the planning had a person touch, which Stef and David’s family and friends all worked hard to create.

It was a beautiful wedding, for a couple  who already have a strong history and are blessed to have future surrounded by people who love and adore them.

Stefanie and David, thank you for your humour, your gorgeous personalities. David you are incredibly handsome and Stefanie, you have no idea what an incredible beauty you are (Kate Winslet is lucky to look like you.)

Enjoy your preview and to see it larger with music click HERE