14Mar '10



There are lots of things I good at, for instance, I can usually convince John it is his turn to set up the morning coffee, I can carry on three conversations at once and I am always the first one to laugh at myself.

But.. Staycations, I’m not so good at those. 

First off, I don’t even like the word “Staycation”, it sounds funny. Secondly when you love your work, it is hard to stay away from it.

The cooking, dishes, banking, that I can easily take a holiday from – but the shooting, not so much.

Five meetings
Eight photo shoots

That’s how my staycation was, and it was pretty great.
I hit the Oh Spa for a manicure, because I felt that is what people do on Staycations. I also went over to Denman Island and watched an afternoon movie – those are Staycation like activities.

But the highlight, other than my time with family, was my shoots.

Now away vacations, those I am good at. Our trip to Mexico was phenomenal, but more about that in another post.

Here’s a shot I took before I went away of my beautiful good friend Corrie, with her mom and sister. I think it it is such a lovely thing for Corrie to have organized.