1Oct '10

Stacey, Randy and Cleo inspire

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This is how it went  down when I arrived to photograph Stacey, Randy and their daughter Cleo.

1. I was super excited, and kind of nervous – as I know this family is a creative and brainiac powerhouse

2. They welcomed me at their front door and I am sure I was acting sketchy because I couldn’t focus – I was in a “super envious of their awesome home” moment.

3. We went inside and my synapsis started firing at all the visual eye candy while I took in the fact that their living room was exactly my dream style, and I started thinking about how I could get Randy to come and totally redo my whole home

Of course then we got down to photographing and this is what happened:



It was such a lovely evening, and so wonderful to be welcomed into their home and life to photograph – thank you Randy, Stacey and Cleo – you are an inspiring trio and I look forward to the time when we do have that glass of wine.