6Sep '10

Speaking of Labour Day, should I be concerned?

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I have the best crew working with me. Ya’ll know about how my office manager Christine brings the fabulousness, but do you know about Jen and Michael?

Jen is  my work wife. We came to each other when I photographed her and Kevin’s wedding five years ago, then her maternity session, her daughter Avari and so on… Somewhere in there Jen started working for me, our friendship deepened and the next thing you know – she knew all my deepest secrets.

A photographer and their assistant is an intimate relationship. There’s very little verbal filtering, lots of over-sharing, and baring of insecurities and quirks. There is also the many shared experiences, all beautiful ones (ok, except the time we ran over a new piece of equipment, that kind of sucked.)

My wedding assistants job is to have my back, while I work on having my clients back. Somewhere along the way you develop a relationship of trust and being able to finish each other’s sentences and being able to laugh at each other, and ourselves.

Over the years, Jen has built on her photography experience, which she had tucked away, now she is busy running her own business in Powell River. Lucky for me, she still comes over and stays with us for a few days and works with me. You can check her out online here.

New to me this year is Mike. Mike is a North Island student who charmed his way into the McKinnon Photography fold. Now, we are so used to him, and he is so good at putting up with us and having our back that he has become a memorable part of this summer, and I gather, a professional peer and friend for life.

Unbeknown to me, Jen and Mike took the above photo of themselves at the Photobooth we set up at Ian and Justine’s wedding. I just saw it and laughed, and laughed, and laughed. It means the world to me. 

When it comes to work, fun, trust and friendship is a big part of what makes us tick.