29Nov '12

Something really special to me,an amazing gift & a chance to give

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I have been a bit scared of my blog lately. It looms….. telling me that it needs attention, but then I have facebook sitting so close by, saying, “I am way easier to work with,  I offer the opportunity for interaction and I think people like me better.

I value how facebook offers the opportintunity for people to easily share their sneak peeks, and how conveniently I can have dialogue with my readers there. If you aren’t following me on Facebook, please hop on over there are join me.

However,  blogging was my first love.

I was the first local business blog in the Comox Valley and for a time I  blogged at least five times a week. Blogging changed my work, it changed me. When I started blogging and sharing more of me, the way people approached me changed, they were way more open and relaxed. It was such a gift.

So, even though I am unsure of the future of blogging and the current value of it, I am not ready to give it up …. yet!

As it stands,  I am photographing much these days that I can’t share – such as sexy boudoir photos that will forever remain private, or boudoir and family photos that  will be a suprise under the tree.

But today I do have something to share,  something special we have coming up.

As many of you know I place a high value on giving back and contributing,  and Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) is a local charity with a special place in my heart. Through my ongoing volunteer work with Y.A.N.A. I have come to know many of the families that have been helped, and thus changed by this amazing charity.  It was also home for our family when my then 5 year-old step-daughter battled Leukaemia. Currently I have two clients, whose children are fighting hard for their health, using YANA’s services.

So this year we are combining giving back to Y.A.N.A. with a meaningful gift for you to put under the tree – a full portrait session!

You will be provided with a beautiful card that shows your contribution to Y.A.N.A. and acts as a gift certificate for a portrait session.

This is ONLY available on the dates listed. So come visit us at the Driftwood Mall next Thur, Fri and Sat. We will be set up near the annual Y.A.N.A. Christmas Tree Fundraiser. If you are out of town, and wish to purchase a gift certificate please call the office 250-890-9222.

We would really love everyone’s support! Give some thought to the great value this could have for your family, or as a gift to others and please help spread the word.