25May '10

How many weddings to photograph?

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 How many weddings are you photographing this year?

When I was first starting, the amount of weddings you had booked was thrown around like a badge, the idea being the more you photographed the more successful you were.

 This idea never sat right with me.

I realized early on that only I could define my success and mostly it wouldn’t be labelled by a number. Instead it is defined by my relationships with my clients and what I am able to give them.

Am I able to be present with them in their moment? Am I 100% with them on their day? These are questions I have continued to ask myself as my business grew and as I listen to my answers I tweaked things to make sure I can always answer YES.

So, how many weddings am I photographing this year? Just the right amount.

The right amount so that I can connect with each couple, enjoy their day through my camera, and support them in other ways as they embark on a memorable and somewhat intense day.

I am much more than a photographer on many of my weddings. Leading up to the day I am a sounding board on time-lines, a resource for all things wedding, a friend to throw ideas around with. On the day my assistants and I  have been known to fix hairpieces, call in a last minute car-seat, provide snacks, play taxi driver and bring along the cake. We have fixed dresses, calmed brides, reassured moms and even dressed a wound.

What does this have to do with photography?


My assistants and I do these things because we are right along side our bride and groom. We are with them 100% and this allows me to be not just A photographer but THEIR photographer.

This year the couples I am working with are incredible – they are a witty, funny, and warm bunch and I feel honored to do my best for them.