4Apr '10

Some Easter Weekend Sweetness

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Thanks to playmobile and men’s love of naps, I have found myself with a little quiet time in the middle of a family weekend. And after taking in all the cuties at the Therapeutic Riding Associations Easter at the Barn, I was inspired to post a few cuties that have been into the studio in the last few weeks.

Let’s start with the adorable Frida, can you imagine a more picture perfect little one.


And one more, well of course..

A photo that I took of  Frida’s big sister was recently featured on the cover of Island Parent magazine. 


I have so much love for this family – they are so genuine, fun and absolutely brilliant and they make really cute kids!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter. The most memorable part for me has been trying to protect the seven year-old’s wonderful belief in the magical bunny. She challenged me pretty hard with her sincere inquisitive questions, I think her wish to believe saved me!
This is a child, who was absolutely flabbergasted that a student in her class doesn’t believe in fairies. Her comment, “That’s crazy, if there are no fairies – who does he think the tooth ferry is – ridiculous!”  I mean really…