13Jan '10

Some beauty and photo course news

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My computer was activing out – like a four year
old who has been to four birthday parties where they only served cake – so we are have come through computer reinstall joyfullness (add sarcasm here) which has overtaken our office life for the last few days.

The good news: Our computer tech Matt from Covaltek Computers wears a super-hero cape and our system is in good hands. Thank you Dr. Matt.

The other good news: blog posts are coming.

The yet another piece of good news: The photo course page is updated, info about a Chicks who Click course and another

Last week was five days of heavenly potraits and inspiring clients. Such as the very lovely and gorgeous Debbie, who it turns out I met when I first moved here, almost ten years ago (eek!), so it was a bit like reconnecting wiht an old friend.