14Mar '12

So what if it rains on your wedding day?

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This week I have been meeting with many of my 2012 bride and groom’s to talk through the plan and feeling for the day. Of course, with the wind and rain that we are experiencing right now the weather is on the top of most couples mind. Here are few tips and thoughts to consider, from someone who has been to 200+ weddings.
  1. As much as I am passionate about photography, I feel strongly  that the day is about a wedding, not wedding photography. You will walk down the aisle, you will get goosebumps, you will kiss, and toast. You will be husband or wife – rain or shine! This is what truly matters.
  2. A professional photographer will have a plan for poor weather. They will be a master of indoor lighting and zealous about finding crafty outside spots that keep you protected from the elements. They will rise to the challenge of leaving you excited about your images, despite the weather. Fabulous photos will be just as important to them as they are to you.
  3. Your facility will also help you determine a plan B to move inside if necessary. If you are getting married outdoors in a park, beach or yard on the West Coast there are a few things to consider. Can you move your ceremony to your reception location if necessary? That is assuming your reception is indoors. If you are planning to have both the ceremony and reception outside in an area without a facility consider renting a tent. The crew at All in One Party Shop are fabulous at going over the options with you. If you are committed to a ceremony outside, without a tent then ask guests to bring an umbrella. Keep in mind though that you don’t want your guests to be too uncomftorable, and you want to be as relaxed as possible throughout your vows so that you can take it all in. The wind can also be an inconvenience, uncomfortable and make it hard to hear your vows. If you are committed to both ceremony and reception outside, these are aspects you have to anticipate.
  4. For your portraits decide how willing you are to head into the elements. it is my suggestion to, if the weather is really poor, keep family inside and save heading outside for just the creative bride and groom imagery. My clients have all ranges of comfort level with heading outside in rain, from absolute no to let’s go for it.
  5. If heading outside for portraits there are a few things that can help. The primary being practical shoes. Your photographer can shoot so that the feet don’t show, and you can be wearing whatever you like – maybe even rubber boots and making that part of the image. We also like to carry a bed sheet – it makes a perfect wrap for the bride that can be whipped off in just a few seconds.
  6. Rain can push your photos into a unique and creative place. Your photographer and you can search out alternative locations, and your photos will be unlike any others.
  7. Have some cute umbrellas ready. From vintage to colourful, to customized with your names there are tons of options.
  8. Rain and all that it signifies, is seen in many cultures as good luck. Rain and water signify blessings. It brings growth to crops, cleansing and fertility. Rain can also create a cozy, warm,intimate and romantic mood.
Finally, remember if it rains, it is just part of the story, your story. Everyone of the couples who I have photographed who have had rainy days, ends up laughing about it and saying they wouldn’t change a thing – honestly.