27Sep '10

So this is what it is like – yuck


The flu has hit me. Have you heard of the flu? I think I had it once before, and I hear of people having it. These people, I now feel great sympathy and confusion when I think of them. I hear some of them get it often – how do they cope? What do they do with their day? How much chap-stick do they use? Are they nice to their family? Do they give in to the strong cravings for creamy chocolate things, or do they stick to the healthy foods that supposedly help?

I have so many questions. It is a bit overwhelming. 
I was supposed to go away for a few days, but in an act, contrary to what I usually would do, and with the guidance of my big sisters, I stayed home and lay in bed, watched Mad Men and flirted with John (well, I think it is flirting when you smile cutely and whine for more tea.)  My hair is really bad and I am still in my pj’s, my shirt is stained and I have mismatched socks, one of which is the color of the red under my nose – that is the look I intend to sport all day – it’s sexy, I wish you could all see it – well not really.