17Mar '11

Love From Jenn

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A few weeks ago, I did a shoot with the Toad in aTree crew. They will be launching a new website soon and we had a super sweet shoot, full of cute children, lollipop trees, and of course the Toad in the Tree adorable goods. 

The brains and creativity behind Toad in aTree, Amanda and Kim, were really moved by Jenn Zahavich’s story and behind the superhero’s they are, have found away to contribute to her dream.

As many of you know Jenn passed away recently. As per her request and in her memory, a foundation, The Love from Jenn Foundation, has been set up to benefit those that are seeking alternative medical treatments.

Jenn was a huge fan of Toad in aTree, her son Coady often sports one, as did Jenn. When Jenn found something she loved, like a few certain coffee shops, a certain Lemon Pie, and an adorable hat – everyone knew about it.
Kim and Amanda have created a special hat, picture below, that can be ordered from Podlings (they will also have some in stock) or by contacting Kim or Amanda directly at kim@toadinatree.com or amanda@toadinatree.com

$3 from each hat sold, and $10 from a special diaper bag and carrier will benefit Love From Jenn.

Her is a photo of the Love From Jenn hat.