11Mar '17

Strength and beauty in a snowy maternity session

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My blog was broken for the last few weeks and it still is a bit moody. So, I have 6.5 blog posts that are swirling around my head that I am itching to write. I need to start with my session from yesterday because it couldn’t have been more fun and meaningful, plus this mama to be is in her final countdown and I know how hard that can be – so I figure the least I could do is not make her wait for her photos.

Meet Leanne. I know I am glad I did. From her wedding, to a smokin’ boudoir session, and images for her highly successful business Dodge City Grooming (the only place my pooch likes to go to keep lookin’ sharp), she has been in front of my lens numerous times. Each time I value her more. She is my favorite kind of person, the type you can’t put into a box. Her and her husband have an overabundance of varied interests and skills – to which they will soon be adding to with the addition of their little one in a few weeks.

This kiddo is so fortunate to have a mama with such humor, honesty and love. She has wisdom and a fierceness to her that mixes so beautifully with her warmth.

It was that warmth and femininity mixed with her strength that I wanted to capture during this session. She is such a beautiful person and it really shone through –