14Dec '09

Shining brightly


My family celebrates Hanukkah, I grew up lighting the Menorah each year, never feeling like I was missing out when my friends were decorating trees or receiving stockings – for me, Hanukkah shined brightly enough. 

Now, as John is Mr. Christmas I have both celebrations in my home. But it is Hanukkah that stirs my heart, it makes me feel connected to family even if I am not with them, reminds me of the many blessings of my childhood and brings my focus to the power of hope.

The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights, is a holiday of hope. For eight nights we light the Menorah, each night adding a candle. The ritual is a reminder of a time when Jews were told to worship false gods and despite all odds were victorious when they stood up to their oppressors and fought for their beliefs and freedom. At the end of the rebellion a small bit of oil was found in the desecrated synagogue , just enough to oil to light the Menorah for one night but the oil lasted eight nights.

I just arrived home from Whistler where I celebrated with family. This morning I sat down to look through my emails and peruse through our local newspaper. I was honestly feeling a bit stressed with all I have to do and everything happening around town but then I was hit with a different feeling.


It is hard not to be struck mby all the support and encouragement for all the non-profit efforts that happen in this town.  This town shines very brightly.

From me and my family, thank you for your support of the Cans for Comments – we are looking forward to our Can shopping trip.

and in the spirit of giving –

Planet Kids is offering 25% off any gifts purchased for the Santa’s Workshop and is a drop-spot for any donations. High five for Planet Kids. Donations for Santa’s Workshop wrap up on the 17th.