13Oct '12

Selah and the camp, meet the Taylor Family

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Some of you locals may know of a beautiful piece of property called Selah. The land is typically used by local church groups for camp-outs and other events. You may also know that my daughter is named Selah. It’s a beautiful word from the Book of Psalms, and although there can be different interpretations of the word, one of the meanings is “a pause in music, a time to reflect.”

As Selah got older, for a time, my in box was the recipient of almost monthly emails letting me know there was a camp here called Selah, and people went so far as to send me photos of it. Both me, and my daughter, thought this was pretty cool. Especially after regular occurrence of telling people that no.. her name was not Sheila.

In our first week of homeschooling, (a nerve racking and exciting time,) Selah and I  were out driving and we came across the sign. As my daughter hopped on to pose for some photos the caretaker drove up. After learning it was a Selah on his sign he invited us in for a tour. We headed down a winding road flocked with corn fields  into a little valley oasis on the river. The land, and the day was magical. I heard the story of the land and about the family that owned and shared it. The day, was truly a gift and I was inspired by his kindness and what I now knew of these family.

Well it is a small town.

Last week on the way to a clients home I drove by Selah, which was an opportunity for me to gush about it to my assistant Amanda. I went so far as to say, “We’ll have to find a way for you to see it sometime, I think you would really love it.”

We drove up to my clients house, and they came out and said… “So we have this little campsite…”  that’s  how this session started.

It ended with Amanda and I driving away, almost speechless (you all know, I am never completely without words.) This family wowed me. Gorgeous, kind, funny, and radiating love and energy. The sun shone strongly and the time flew by!

My mushy sentimental self, feels so warm knowing that when my daughter hear’s about Camp Selah she will also now hear about not just the beautiful land, but the graceful people behind it.

Thanks you Taylors, for your warmth, strong sense of family, smiles and a fabulous evening. I am so glad that we will see you around our shared dance school!