27Jun '10

Angela & Zeke Say “I do”


I just received this note in my in-box this morning. 

Hi Karen, Crystal & Christine,

Zeke and I had a wonderful wedding, it was better then we expected!

want to thank you for being so wonderful during our day and helping
capture every moment of the wedding. From the moment we contacted you
about shooting our wedding to all the planning and engagement session,
it was truly a wonderful experience. Believe it or not, Zeke and I can
be quite reserved and shy, but because you made us feel so comfortable,
we were able to be ourselves around you.

 We cannot wait to see the pictures!

Ange and Zeke

The guestbook was a huge hit! It brought tears of laughter and heart
felt comments. Those memories will forever linger with us.

And this is what I have to say back.

Dear Angela and Zeke,

I love my work, I love creating pictures but most of all I love the people I get to work with. Connections are what inspire me. Connecting with people like you. From the moment we first talked on the phone, when you were armed with questions about photography, I knew I liked you, and was excited by your interest in hiring the right photographer for who you are. Then when we met and managed to complete an engagement session before the snow came down, and then chatted over coffee for longer than expected, I knew your wedding would be fabulous.
Then the wedding day itself. Could it have been any better? The rain stayed away and the setting at Alders Beach set the tone for the warm, relaxed day you envisioned. Your day was a long one, with three outfit changes and two ceremonies, but you two glided through it so gracefully. Meanwhile, laughing and enjoying loving each other. I am so excited for you to become Comox Valley residents so that I can cross paths and and share a laugh with you more often!

Here is a little slide show of your day. To see it larger and with music clicHERE