25Apr '11

Say hello to Cadence

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Ah… holiday Monday, you are a cherry on top of my already three days of weekend. I had some lovely family shoot this weekend, lunch with friends and some down time. Today I started the day by bringing the kids breakfast in bed, it has been a sweet day.. that is until easter turned ugly, when one of the children who had been reminded many times, did not listen (gasp!) and left her chocolate treats out for the dog to enjoy. We had to induce vomit (this is the first and hopefully only time that word has been on this blog,) and it was good times.

I have no temporarily used up all my good parenting energy, the little people are out playing and I have thought I would go to a happy place for a bit with some attitude shifting music, and some sweetness.

This brings us to Cadence. Cadence is the fortunate offspring of my friends Megan and Bobby. Those of you that have known them, might have thought it would be hard to imagine them as parents – with all that they do around town how would it work? Well once you see them with their new baby, it will all make sense. It just does. When they walked in to my studio with her in tow, it just seemed so right. She is a total beauty and I know I am not alone in looking forward to seeing her grow.

Bobby, Megan, you are beautiful passionate people who I am honored to call my friends – I wish you the hugest congratulations.