4Jul '17

Comox Valley Grad Sasha – Kind of like Italy – right?

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 I first met Sasha when she was an elementary school student. She had a unique quality about her that intrigued me. It still does. It’s simple really, well it is simple to explain, but not simple to achieve. This girl is herself and she doesn’t try to be anyone else. THIS IS HUGE. It’s just part of what makes her the beautiful person she is. She has talent, brains, wisdom and drive.
Sasha and I have grown to know each other initially through photo-sessions. First on a trip to Hawaii when I was there to capture her sister’s wedding, followed by her brother’s wedding, shoots for Roots the Salon where she would model and assist. She has taken photo lessons with me and assisted me on other jobs.
Her and her family have become really important people in my life who have laughed with me, grown with me and stood next to me and behind me when things are hard. That’s just the type of people they are – loyal, giving and the right balance of practical and bold. Sasha has all that in her and so much more. Plus let’s be real – she has killer style and is a joy to photograph.
Sasha and I have been talking about her grad session for years, and also our dream of  her wedding being in Italy – (we can get on to planning that now -right?)  so our grad portrait location  was as close to Italy-like as we could get. But really, photographing this gal anywhere is inspiring.
Congratulations on this incredible milestone Sasha and for reaching it with such grace. I am looking forward to being there to cheer you on in all your future endeavours. You are an incredible being.  – <3 Karen