30Nov '09

Sarah + Tom (and Elvis) Courtenay Wedding Photographer

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Sarah and Tom are really special. If you know them, you understand – they are not the type to fade into the background, to miss an opportunity for fun, or to express themselves. They live boldly and honestly.
Throughout the wedding it was clear why people are drawn to them, you  walk away from them feeling like you had a genuine encounter and like they were giving you a piece of themselves. Watching their friends and family flock to them and throw their arms around them with huge hugs was heartwarming and energizing.

During their wedding day the rain came down hard. Now I am not afraid of a little moisture, but this was “run to your car with your coat over your head hard”. But did this damper the feeling of warmth between them? Not one bit, if anything I think it helped their love radiate.

They hosted a wedding that was 100% Sarah and Tom and that also provided a unique and entertaining time for their guests. It was an honor to be part of it.

They are a stunning couple with the most gorgeous eyes.



And yes, they were married by Elvis


Thank you Sarah and Tom, you are both stellar and it was a gift to be part of such a memorable wedding!