30Dec '12

Ryan, Brendan, Alex, Ken & Janice Close the year

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This was the second family I photographed on Christmas, and my last session of the year. As I sit here on a patio in Mexico,updating my blog, I am feeling pretty lucky.  I guess the first reason why is obvious, (I am wearing shots in December,   looking at the ocean, am surrounded by family &  have a fabulous coffee next to me.) So, it likely comes as no surprise to you that I feel great.

But it gets better.

This morning I fired up the laptop, not feeling the slightest bit resentful that I have some work to do on my holiday. Loving your work is not something to take for granted. I logged in to share this blog post and laughed, remembering how lovely it was to spend time with such an authentic, interesting and kind family.

Despite knowing her son, and  almost crossing paths for years, Janice and I have actually never met. Seeing her surrounded by her boys was truly a wonderful way it was to get to know her. Not only is this a gorgeous, intelligent and talented crew (yes.. they are the full package,) but they are funny.. like… really funny. I already mentioned they were kind. Most people I photograph are kind to me, but what really moves me is when people show the other members in their family tenderness – and yes, Janice, despite your families skill at teasing each other, your genuine care for each other and connection shines very brightly.It is just so obvious how much you truly like each other.

Ryan, Brendan, Alex, Ken and Janice, thank you for inviting me into your home, and allowing me to end my photographing year, documenting such a lovely connection.