13Mar '14

Ruth and Carl’s winter wedding

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A meeting in Church,  led to a favor, which led to a thank you dinner, bringing us to this glorious day at Shelter Point Distillery.

He was drawn in by he, loyalty and fun demeanor, she loved his deep heart and how genuine he is. They said they wanted a wedding that was classy, intimate, and simple.  The location, Shelter Point Distillery set the scene for a classy backdrop, but it was Ruth and Carl themselves who led the tone for a classy day. That is their style, they are thoughtful, aware of the people they care about, and never stopped thinking about the purpose of their day, this in my opinion, is classy. Guest, mostly all familiar to each other, moved into throughout the event with joy. Simple? It was stress free, but there was nothing simple about these two very warm,  dynamic, and deeply in love individuals exchanging heart felt vows and committing to their future together.

Ruth and Carl, being with you on this day, was beautiful.  From our adventures in the snow, to seeing Carls beaming smile and the way you, Ruth, seem to still blush in his presence to the kindness and enthusiasm of your wedding attendants and guests. Thank you, sincerely, for having me along.








Ceremony Location: Shelter Point Distillery

Flowers:  Thrifty Foods
Catering: Beez Knees Catering
Brides Hair: Sharon Friesen, hair and makeup
Bridesmaids Hair: Extreme Ends
Dress: Lady Bell Bridal
Suits: Jim’s Clothing Closet