16Oct '16

Roberta by the river – Goddess session

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The Body Shift program which I  co-facilitated earlier this year at Studio IPF was full of an incredible diverse group of woman, most of who were new to me. A perk though, was getting to reconnect with some woman who I call my “Comox Valley Roots.” When I first moved to the valley  I didn’t know anyone. So I joined the CV Women’s Business Network. At the time, I was the youngest member, and with knowing no-one, I was a bit intimidated. My heart would pound in my ears when I had to introduce myself, but it got easier. Not because of practice, but because of relationships. As I grew to know the woman in the room, I didn’t care if I fumbled, or had awkward pauses, because I knew their intent was always to cheer me on. I swear, if it wasn’t for the women’s network, I might not have lasted in this town.
Roberta was part of this crew of kind hearted, genuine woman.  We have only crossed paths a few times since that chapter in my life, so it was lovely to have time together to catch up on our children, our men, our passions and direction.

For her Body Shift session, with rain looming, we headed to the very magical Comox Valley river spot where she received her Reiki master.  I am pretty much in love with the experience I had of photographing her here.