28Jun '13

Reed and his crew – Comox Valley Grad


I spent a ludicrous amount of time trying to decide which images to share for this blog post. Twyla, Booker, Reed and Sam, you are a ridiculously cool family.

Yes, you have weekly game night, yes, you have style, and yes, you are are the King and Queen of Roller Derby, and now have a son following in your footsteps.

But it is more then that.

You are wise to the ways of being a loving family. I see that you support and encourage your children, and allow them to be themselves and talk to them in a respectful and loving manner.  I see how much you enjoy them, and each other. I hope as your oldest graduates, and you celebrate him, you also take time to look at each other and say “job well done.”

Reed, I have trouble seeing you as a teen. Your respectful nature shines so brightly and it is obvious you are wise beyond the years. Thank you for allowing me to document this celebratory time in your life. I am super glad I know you. Karen