14Apr '10

Quinn, Comox Valley Newborn


This is a special one. Quinn’s folks Mark and Dawn first came into my life when I photographed their wedding four years ago. Shortly afterwards their first child Reese entered into the world, earlier than planned and with complications that nobody expected, it was a hard time, full of worry and exhaustion.
So when Quinn came into this world, healthy, strong and with much more ease, it was such a gift.
Mark and Dawn, hadn’t had that beautiful experience of bringing a newborn home, and easing a new addition into their life, but now they have and they are filled with such gratitude for their two healthy daughters.  The look in Dawn’s face as I photographed Quinn and her big sister Reese brought me to tears.

Mark, Dawn, just thinking about you and your girls gives me goosebumps. Thank you for the privilege of letting me create images for you.

With love, Karen

(check out my buddy Reese’s sceptical look on the photo on the left, love it!)