12Oct '15

Qualicum Wedding Photographer – Chris and Meghan

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Today is Thanksgiving, and although I live a life plush with daily gratitude, I welcome this day to amp it up a bit.  I was planning on creating this blog post tomorow, and just reading my book tdaoy, but as I thought about the list of thing bringing me joy right now, I ran off to my compute and got to work on this post.  This is what was going through my head –

“Are you kidding me? Look at that groom’s smile. Oh Meghan, man are you stunning. Is this really my job? to spend the day with awesome people? How lucky am I?”

Writing blog posts about weddings gets harder throughout the year. What do I say that I haven’t said before? How do I really reflect how much I adore these two and their day? Should I thesaurus the words beautiful, amazing and meaningful?

But because it is a honestly how I feel. I am going to say it again. This day was beautiful, amazing and meaningful. It was ripe with raw emotion, it was intense at times – when it was supposed to be, and relaxed throughout the other moments. It was a party filled with genuine and unbridled love.

When Meghan and Chris met, Chris new right away that this woman was going to change his world. He was so sure ,that he went home and wrote about it, and he continued writing throughout their courtship and the joining of their lives. On the wedding day, he presented this journal to Meghan. Truly it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. For him, from the beginning, to be all in, to be vulnerable, speaks volumes to the courage he will always have for their relationship. Meghan welcomed Chris and his four beautiful children into his life. Giving them her time, her patience, her heart.

These two generous brave souls are truly spectacular in their dedication to each other, the children and their family. It was, without a doubt, an incredible day to partake in and witness. It sent me home feeling hopeful, and a little bit more courageous myself!

Thank you Chris and Meaghan – you two – well, you wowed me!













Ceremony Location: Kye Bay  private home in Comox

Reception Location: Qualicum Beach Resort

Hair and Make-up: Level 10 Eurospa

Cake: Cake Bread Artisan Bakery

Catering: Galloping Gourmet Catering