25Oct '10

less sweetness please


I don’t eat wheat or sugar


let me be honest, I don’t eat wheat unless I am somewhere with a really good dessert and I just take a couple bites


I shouldn’t eat sugar, and I try not to, but sometimes I do, one bite, becomes two, becomes three…

I know avoiding eating sugar and wheat is trendy in these parts, and for me, I am happy to be on that  bandwagon.

I have psoriasis. I am one of those people that have never been allergic to anything, isn’t picky, doesn’t get sick easily, I am made of hardy stock. So when this psoriasis thing showed up on the scene, I started first with the creams, I tried everything, pure, not pure, from the natural pharmacy, with the chemicals – heck, I even made some creams. Nothing helped.

So I turned to diet and learned that for me the psoriasis is agitated by sugars and wheat.  It’s isn’t a 100% miracle solution but it helps. I was so very, very good for a year, and I felt fabulous, and the last six months I have weakened

Which is silly. I know how good I felt without sugar in my diet, I was free of cravings, and filled my body with more fruit and veg. Yet, I succumbed, because sometimes, when it comes to my home baking or the sticky date putting at Avenue, I am like a five year old with no will power. 

But, I am gathering my will power and the sugar, which is my absolute weakness, will be gone – salt and vinegar chips will be my new love. Starting today.

Now you all know, and just maybe that will strengthen my will power and help me be a grown-up. 

Thank you! 

On a totally unrelated note – I was just cleaning out some files and found this self-portrait from Justine and Ian’s wedding this summer and it made me happy.