7May '10

Ines + Rene are Married


Probably somewhere in a book about blogging, it advises against late night blogging, However, there is an international audience waiting to see these and I like to please.
After discovered the Comox Valley on past trips they were drawn back to mark this significant occasion on a west coast beach.
Thank you Ines and Rene, it was truly an honor to have you come all the way from Germany to say “I do” in our little town.

Ines and Andre were married 10 hours ago. They said and felt I do and promised to support each others dreams.

The kissed, they beamed and so did the sun – it was their moment.





Here’s proof for your family back home that you actually did it!

Sending you love and best wishes for the rest of your travels this time around. I have a feeling we will see you back in these parts.