27Dec '14

The Perkins Family


It was seven years ago, when I first went to Puntledge Park with my camera to meet Melanie, Trevor and their three children, Cole, Caden and Ava. I remember it was a beautiful day, all was well, and it even got better. Melanie, fairly new to town, asked me if I wanted to be in a book club , little did I know that would lead to an incredible community of  woman, who seven years later feel like family to me. People laugh, book clubs, “isn’t it all about the wine,” well I will proudly tell you we have kept a list these seven years, and there has been some notable reading, and yes, we do sometimes have wine and rarely skip desert. For me though, it is about heart and connection. We are a varied group, in faith, in  lifestyle but we come together in humour and caring. We have as a group shared births, deaths, divorce, parenting challenges, illness and through that we have let our barriers fall away. We can arrive tired, emotional, lost, we don’t have to bring our best selves, we have to just be ourself – that is how we love each other, by making that beyond ok.

I think if our book club had a queen, it would undoubtedly be Mel. She keeps us organized, always opens her door when a host has to bow out, organizes our social activities  – but most importantly, she keeps us connected, letting us now when one of our crew is in need, or requires a celebration.

As a friend, I know I know with Mel and her whole family I can always keep it real,  I can share my crazy, laugh inappropriately or cry when the timing is off.

Watching her and Trevor move through life, literally as their children grow and the amount of animals they have multiplies, and  figuratively as they continue to find their way as parents, partners and friends is an honour.  

Love you Perkins!