16Mar '15

Pay What you Can – Name Your Price week


Pay what you can week for portraiture and boudoir. Kind of crazy right? This makes the idea even more desirable to me. I just want everyone to be able to experience being photographed professionally, so I am going for it.

I’ll keep this blog post short. CLICK HERE to read the details and fill out the from . I will then get back to you within a week and let you know if I can fill your request and what you would expect to receive.

I want to be clear, these are not “charity” sessions. I do many of those both publicly and quietly in private, often gifting sessions and prints to those that need a little leg up.   I will choose sessions that seem like a price I can work for during this one week, and that fit with a variety of other variables.  My business works on a pricing model that I typically stick by, except for this one week where I am opening the doors wide to flexibility – but I do expect to get paid something for my time and skill. If you are unsure as to the typical value of my sessions, you can visit the websites and check out the info pages.

www.mckinnonphotography.com  and www.boudoir.mckinnonphotography.com 

As part of filling out the form you can let me know what fits your budget and I will email you back if I think I can make it work, and what I can do for that price.

Oh, let me say it one more time. Please read the details in the form.

It’s simple.

Let’s go….<3 Karen