22Aug '16

Goddess Session – Paula

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This woman is so much.

She is a leader, a connector,  a honesty injector, a cut through the BS kind-of gal, a giver of sympathetic head tilts,  a teacher, a question asker, a calming presence, a laugh inducer, the keeper of the best banana bread recipe ever, a solution giver and a  I don’t think there is anything  that she can’t add value to.

She really is one of those people whose presence just makes you feel valued. Paula, I am so glad we keep being brought together. Thank you for taking part in the Body Shift program and for allowing me this time to capture you.

(I need to sneak in here that her and hubby are my couple crush, because Mr. Jay, you are just as fabulous. Is there a kindest couple in Comox award? Because I am giving it to the two of you.<3)