9Oct '18

Tanner & Kailey – high school sweetheart wedding, Parksville Wedding Photographer

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It’s commonplace to hear people talk about high-school math and wonder,  what is the point? Where will all the time sitting in those math classes lead you?  Will it impact your future? For Kailey and Tanner, the answer is a definitive yes.  In grade 10 as they shared a math class, rather than focus on fractions, much of their time was passing notes back and forth, often with little hearts on them. Soon enough they were a couple. Notes played another pivotal role in their story when Tanner gave Kailey little notes that lead her around their home and backyard leading to the very important question of “will you marry me”?

Six years later these two have built a full life together, filled with friends and family, their jobs, passions and many pets.

They have a lovely acceptance of each other and laugh easily. Throughout the day I saw them looking at each other in a way that shows how connected they are like they knew what the other one was thinking.

Clearly, these high school lovebirds, have found the person they were destined for.

Ceremony location: Tigh-na-mara Seaside Spa Resort and Conference Centre

Bride’s dress from White Bridal Boutique 

Flowers: Turley’s 

Makeup by the bride’s awesome sister