17Jul '10

Parker Family


I photographed Thea’s big brother when he was younger, and Thea kept asking her mom and dad why there were more photos of him in the house. Good question Thea? Well, it is all taken care of now. We headed out with Thea, Hayden and family to create some casual family images and some just of Ms. Thea. I have many fave’s but the simple timelessness of the image below jumped out as my ABSOLUTE fave. Hope you like it Thea.
I had so much fun on this session, sometimes I love how ridiculous my job is. I think I spent most of my time meowing like a cat.


Rhonda sent me this note after the session, and it made my day:

♥Best family photo session EVER!!!♥ McKinnon Photography is amazing! Seriously, we didn’t stop laughing the whole time. So much fun and I am way too excited to see the pic’s.:

So, of course, a little flattery goes a long way, and I had to blog the images asap. Thanks Parker family!

I want to send a sincere, well deserving plug Rhonda Parker’s way as well. Rhonda is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and boot camp leader extraordinare. You know the Bella Session series I recently posted? Through most the session the gals kept saying “Body by Rhonda”  As well, Christine just started her yoga classes, and is in heaven. So, check her out at Well Balanced Body . Keep an eye out for her fall schedule and for some exciting business news soon.