4May '11

Pantuso Groove 2011

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It’s recital week, which means we are in lock-down around here. Nothing else other than dance, sleep and chilling and we love it!
Once a year my children celebrate their hard work throughout the year with a week of performance nights at The Sid Williams Theatre. The week is all about them.
Well not really – I love it just as much.
I was initially drawn to the school because so many of my fave clients kids went there. Now after three years there, my family really feels part of the Pantuso Community – sometimes the only social life I have is visiting with other parents in the waiting room while our children dance. Every year as something for the Pantuso Community I take some photos of recital. It is something I have really come to enjoy, I get sentimental seeing how much all the kids are growing up and am awed by the talent and fun they are having. Then I blog about it, because it would be cool to see more client as part of the Pantuso crew! For more information on Pantuso Dance, check out the website here.