16Apr '14

One of my fave’s – couples session Ashland, OR

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A best friend from grade 5. Despite her moving away during our teen years, regardless of her living in different continents, and now a neighbouring country, she is still one of my faves.  During spring break, myself and my youngest daughter hit the road for at two week road trip, with the goal of visiting my friend Togan and her beau fabulous beau Allen in Ashland Oregon.

It undoubtedly was the highland of our trip. Not just because of my adoration of the charming, peaceful town they live in, or because they spoiled us with gourmet breakfasts and meals, but because when I am with Togan I feel so relaxed, yet,strong. Time together  reinforces the hilarious memories I have of our clearly blessed childhood, lets me go back to being that dorky elementary school student and at the same time, makes me feel good about where I am now. I don’t take for granted that this many years later, we still can laugh at ourselves together, and each other, and that we share similar outlooks on life.

I take great comfort, in knowing having made it this far and not loosing each other, that I will be making trips to Ashland, to have grounding visits with one of my fave people into my old age.

Going through these photos, and sharing them, has started my morning with a big smile, because there isn’t much better then watching someone you love  celebrate their love with a charming, intelligent, funny person who adores them as much as you do.