4Jul '11

Lindsey and Tony Engaged

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Oh, engagement sessions – how I love you.  Let me count the ways.

– it’s romantic
– you get to put on adorable outfits and cuddle
– you find your mojo in front of the camera, I know you have it, together, we make it shine 
Engagement session with Lindsey and Tony? Let me count the ways I adore you.
– the muddy cow filled barn (scent included)  didn’t scare you away 
– you radiated togetherness. I could tell by how you looked at each other, how you laughed, how you finished each others sentences, and listened to each others stories that you were sharing, even when you knew how they ended
– even as you plan a huge wedding, you are seeing so much beyond that, talking about your future and working on creating it
– Tony brought a blue ruffled 1970’s suit
– Lindsey is full of adorable sass and beauty
– Together you are just right
Thank you for the fabulous evening, I am so excited to be your wedding photographer. If I had to step in a foot of wet manure (which I did) there isn’t any other couple I would rather do it with! 
and I had to share this one, because Lindsey is STUNNING!