30May '18

no longer such a little brother, grad session (and a little throwback)



It seems like just the other day when we gathered for grad and family photos when big brother Reid was graduating,  but it was five years ago and a few weeks ago we captured Sam’s grad milestone! Five years ago when I photographed this family, Sam was already an old soul, now, seeing him on the cusp of graduating I swear he is just a young looking adult! With a gentle confidence and social grace to be proud of he was such a joy to photograph alongside his beautiful family, which has grown to include Reid’s girlfriend, who just bought even more laughter to this already joyous family.

Twyla and Booker, you have raised two phenomenal boys and when the tears come on grad day, as your youngest walks across the stage, I hope you look at each other with knowing smiles that you have clearly parented with love, wisdom and humor that has served your boys so well. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.