2Jan '10

My not first day of the year post


All day yesterday I sat down to blog, thinking I would make a meaningful proclamation –  perhaps, a strong sentence
to sum up last year or at least some inspirational words for the future.  It was the first day of the year and I am sure that a good blogger would be on top of it.

But not me, I couldn’t sum it up in a neat little package.

2009 was kicked off with receiving the  Comox Valley Small Business of the Year Award and wound down with me receiving the Vancouver Island Photographer of the Year title from the Professional Photographers Association of BC. Sandwiched in between was a studio robbery, a new blog, new website, new staff, an out of town conference and a new studio.

2009 also brought some amazing wedding clients
and I just looked through the images and couldn’t believe how different
each wedding was
. We had some amazing collaborations with families who welcomed us into their world and I am excited by the work that was produced. One of the things that I am most proud of this year was our ability to step-up our giving. I just did a tally off how much we donated and I feel really pleased, my little business is able to make much more of a difference than I ever could have dreamed.

Sandwiched in between all this there was a lot of growth and reflection, creatively, personally and professionally – it won’t go down in history a boring year, that’s for sure!

I  have this strong sense
that 2009 and 2010 are meant to go together, so if pressed for a new year’s goal it would be just to  “stay the course”

Rather than make new years goals I always make goals on my birthday which (note to John) is, only 94 days away, it just makes way more sense to me. That is my time of reflection. 

As for what 2010 will bring, I have to tell you, my house is a mess, I have movies to watch, I should still be holidaying, but I am revved up to work, because I am pumped about some of the things we are going to be doing this year.

Some of the news will roll out in the McKinnon Photography newsletter before it hits the blog, if you haven’t signed up you can hit the link above. I promise we don’t uber-spam you, you can just expect a little bit of news from us every few months.

So Happy New Year, I have no doubt it will be a meaningful one!