22Oct '10

My mind is spinning, yet I feel calm


It’s an interesting time of year for McKinnon Photography – I don’t mean interesting with any sarcasm, I mean interesting as in never boring, intriguing and thought provoking.

We have tons of different categories happening. I am currently still working on creating albums for my 2010 wedding couples, while I am actively booking 2011 weddings. I am preparing print orders for portrait clients, while squeezing in as many outdoor fall leaf sessions while the weather is still co-operating. We are booked with commercial clients updating their business image and we are in planning mode for some goodness we have in store for 2011.

Meanwhile I am working on wrapping up some volunteer work for Y.A.N.A and putting heart into the Love for Jenn fundraiser and of course a few other projects….

I am also trying to answer some bigger questions, travel opportunities are coming my way more often and I am working to figure out how much time I can travel and still be a balanced mama who has time to take care of herself, which includes the ever-imporant Roller Derby practice with my lovely teamates at the Dodge City Rollers.

On a personal note, I am getting accustom to being a part-time single parent, as John has a job that has him away 50% of the time. I have to say, in general, it is working fairly well. I have just become a highly scheduled person who makes great use of a crock pot.

So, there’s the roundup. I have been so busy posting portraits I realize that I haven’t had much space on the blog for my Love List or more personal notes.

and, because I know you were really wondering how cute my dog is –