28Sep '11

My cup is empty

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I just returned from a lovely gathering of photographers. It was held at the Sidney Pier Hotel and I HIGHLY recommend it there. The service was fab, the food delish and the rooms just right – it didn’t hurt that I got up-grated to a premier suite. 

I often forget how important it is for me to take some time to be with my photographer peers. I have to say, in general photographers are kind of a quirky bunch, and if you are with the right kind, they let it all hang out – which makes me feel right at home. 
One of the conversations that was presented to us was “Emptying Your Cup” – forgetting what you know, resetting and seeing things different. 
On the dark drive home I had lots of time to ponder this and realized it is an approach I am going to push to the front of my consciousness more often, and not just in terms of my photography and business. 
We make so many assumptions, so often, we see people the same way, we react to things the same way and I am definitely guilty of that in my family life. 
I feel so refreshed and happy today – it’s a good day. 
I have tons to blog, many shoots, look for lots of share’s coming up. 
Oh, and Utah came to the studio for the first time yesterday! It went great, but I just got an email from this mornings client saying her daughter loved Utah – he totally showed me up –