11Jan '16

My beautiful friend – Maya- Courtenay Boudoir

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This blog post has been sitting ready to post for too long, because when someone means something really special to you, it can be hard to write, so I can get a bit paralyzed about what to say.

I have known Maya for many years, but it is more recently that I have come to call her a trusted friend. In the last few years, her, along with some other women new to my life, have become a family that screams with positivity, honesty and humour. One can always count on Maya to be a cheerleader and a truth teller, and to know which you need.

She is an inspiration to me, not just on how to be a good friend, but on how to walk in my daily life – Maya has grace and bravery, strength and peacefulness and always, the ability to play and .. she is freakin’ beautiful.