26Sep '18

Ellen & Wyatt tenderness & then triumph on the dance floor – courtenay wedding photographer

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Nothing took away the focus these two had on each other throughout the day. Not the looming and then torrential rain, not the foghorn that sounded on the top of the chairlift telling us we had to go down the mountain right away due to lighting. It didn’t matter. They were married and everything was perfect, it all fell into place  –  just like when they met.

Ellen and Wyatt are high school sweethearts. They met at a bonfire, one that Wyatt almost didn’t go to, but something told him he should. Thankfully, he made his way there because it changed his life.  When he was at the bonfire everyone ended up going for a walk, except for one woman who wanted to sit quietly on a log. He decided to join her so that she would have some company and they ended up spending the evening talking – this was the beginning of their love story. She felt it right away and recalls it was like meeting  “the dream guy you see in the movies or Jim from The Office.” One date later, and they were both smitten and on a path to some great adventures together.

She fell in love with his patience and sense of humor and he loved her sassy attitude, great sense of humor, and caring personality.  All these characteristics shone at this stunning Mt. Washington wedding.

They showed love and tenderness towards each other and all their friends and family throughout the day (and the photographer who was navigating some weather elements.) Any moment that provided an opportunity for humor was grasped, and the day was filled with laughter.  These two were so present, relishing and taking in all the moments. There are so many beautiful take-aways from this wedding – little memories I hold from the way they looked at each other,  treated their wedding party and the ways in which friends and family honored Ellen and Wyatt throughout the day.  The reception was filled with winning moments – Wyatt’s brother singing, the laughter during the “shoe game” and the dance floor.  I commented to Wyatt that it was rare to see groomsmen be so committed to having a blast dancing. Here is the wild wonderful thing, these men had moved – but Wyatt, who is incredibly close to the groomsmen, (a group which included family) had never seen them dance before – it was totally out of character for them. I couldn’t love this more. It was a beautiful tribute and gift to Ellen and Wyatt who love to dance.

Ellen and Wyatt,  individually you are very beautiful, but together, you shine a light on each other on all your magical qualities. Being with you, and your loving and enthusiastic family and friends was very special and thinking about it all, still brings me a tender genuine smile that I feel in my heart.

Amazing (sassy) hair and makeup (can you believe how it held through the crazy weather?)  by Hairpins

Super tasty cake by mom <3

Donuts from Cumberland Bakery

DJ – Adil at Above & Beyond Entertainment

Lavish Engagements did an incredible job wedding planning – thank you!