19Jul '14

Tiffany & Dean – Mount Washington Wedding

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Their love story has the sweetest start. She was working as a cashier in Safeway , and this handsome fellow, who had chosen her till with the hope of saying hello, caught her eye. Over groceries and with the hum of the store in the background something, a connection, happened. They both were left with hopeful optimism of connecting again, which, of course, they did – despite the long line at her till, Dean waited in her line the next time he was there, and again spark flew. After repeating this dance yet again, they managed to connect while Tiffany was on her break once, which led to an exchange of phone numbers and this…













Dean and Tiffany, your day was incredible. From our first meeting you had a vision of how it would flow, and how it would feel – just like you do for you life. I think every bit of it was genuine and beautiful. My favourite part, without a doubt though, was the way you looked at each other throughout the entire day.  Dean, I know you look at Tiffany, and see a woman who is kind, stunning and “sees you.”  Tiffany, I watched Dean make you laugh, keep you grounded  and show how he understands you.  I saw a couple surrounded by friends and family that they have collected over time, who were so moved by the love you have for each other and who you are as people – what an honour.

And can I just add.. why doesn’t every wedding have a sing-along?

Wedding Ceremony and Location: Mount Washington Raven’s Lodge

Hair: The Hair Chix 

Flowers: Tiffany, Jen Elder, Vanessa Williams, Sandy Geiger, Margaret Verschuur, Raquel Pokiak
Dress: Jessica Bridal – Calgary
Thank you to my assistant:  Jesse Savage