15Jun '10

More Bella-palooza


Here are more images from the epic Bella Party.

Mel, our leader, without her we wouldn’t ever see each other so I had to blog two photos of her.
Thanks Mel, for making us happen.

Mel’s eyes are full of  stories and sincerity, it is like she has lived way longer than her years – she is timeless. I am confident Mel could live anywhere, in any era and she would make it her home, she would fit right in, find her tribe andshe would live her life fully and make a difference. Mel, this photo has so much in it that I adore about you.



Marcie, whose laugh could take away your bad day in moments and then she would follow it up by saying something wise, (Marcie, why don’t I have you on speed-dial?)

Sarah, at home fishing in gumboots or diva’ing it up. That is when she
isn’t cooking, growing food, teaching, crafting, reading or sewing.