16May '12

Miss Forsland definitely has buzz

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And there is well deserved buzz..

You know Jenn? For sure you do.

“No, I dont’ think so.”

“Come..on” of course you do.

I kept hearing about this woman Jenn.. “She is amazing,” – “She is inspiring” –  “Man, does she have talent” So when we met backstage at Music Fest last summer I was a wee-bit nervous. Thankfully, her warm smile, and the few glasses of wine I had enjoyed helped us jump, into easy conversation and now, I can say first hand, that she is indeed a star on so many levels.

You might know Jenn as a gifted and well loved elementary school and private music teacher or as the woman who transformed the Vanier Choir. Perhaps you met her in her role as leader of the  Celebration Singers, or you have seen her perform with her Trio, or maybe one of her solo performances, or another one of her calibrations. Maybe, you know her because you see her picking up her kids from school, because she rocks the mom role as well – or you recognize her because you have seen that amazing smile around town. Seriously, this woman is hard to miss.

Her precense is strong. After photograhing her I can tell you that all that you see when you first meet her goes so deep. She is full of honesty, which comes across in her performances. She is present. She is a quite simply a joy.

Thank you for the wonderful morning of creating photographs Jenn !