11Sep '10

Mikhaila & Greg Engaged- everyone say “Awwww”


When Mikhaila (who is stunning to photograph by the way!)  first told me about Greg, I am sure I said “awwwww.” he sound so sweet. Then, went she went on about how fabulous he was I am sure I said “awwww”
So when I finally met him I had big expectations.
He is everything she said he was. Solid, handsome, sweet, smart.
These two are meant to be together and it was such a blessing to be able to photograph their engagement photos. I felt a bit sentimental about life milestones while we were shooting, as I actually photographed grad photos for Mikhaila.

Our evening was beautiful and we had a great time, hanging out, shooting, laughing and saying “awwwwww” 

Thank you to Crystal from Roots for doing her usual fabulous job on makeup and Michael from Roots for rocking the hair – 

Thank you Mikhaila and Greg!