2Jun '12

Mike, Lucinda, Elska and Emiko

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When I moved the Comox Valley I literally knew three people, so whenever I re-connect with someone from my past, here in the Comox Valley, I feel a special kinship with them. I think of them as “my roots.” Mike and I worked together in another life-time. We were in the service industry in Vancouver, in a somewhat, tumultuous start-up restaurant. You know the kind, at first you feel like you are in a sitcom, you are all part of something special, everyone is fabulous, and letting their quirkiness and true personality shine. You sit around after work, relaxing with a strong feeling of togetherness. That is, until you come to work one day and the doors are locked – for good.

Well, that was the last time I saw Mike. But when I ran into him years later, here in the Valley, I instantly recalled what a funny, smart guy he was. I was thrilled to hear about, and eventually get to know, his amazing talented wife, and his adorable two daughters. We get to see them more often now, as we are all part of the same dance school, I actually credit Mike for inspiring me to take hip-hop last year.

So, when I finally had the chance to have them in front of my camera I was more than thrilled. It was lovely to witness their family together, and to see how sweet Mike and Lucinda are to each other. The girls were two of the easiest I have ever photographed, really, the whole session was a complete joy.

What a stunning family and really, can’t you tell just by looking at them how darn nice they all are!

Oh – and a little shameless promotion – Mike is a fabulous Massage Therapist at Harbourview Massage in Comox. file://localhost/Users/McKinnonPhotography/Pictures/IMAGES/BLOG/june%202012/kono2.jpg