7Aug '14

Megan and Josh Cathedral Grove Wedding

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When Megan first called me and told me that her and her long-time beau Josh were planning a Cathedral Grove wedding I swooned. Cathedral Grove is a place like no other; magical, grounding and beyond beautiful. As our conversation flowed, I learned about their children, their recent choice to move from Vancouver to Island to Alberta, and most importantly I sensed how strong these two were as a unit.

When the day came, I arrived at Cathedral Grove very early, like an excited child. I had yet to meet these two in person, and was so optimistic about how fun our day would be. They arrived, looking stunning, happy and a bit distracted with the needs of their two little ones. I knew then, that they were just as fabulous as I expected them to be. Their ability to work as a team, and to nurture their two boys, while still being in the moment of their wedding day was quite something. Surrounded by a small group of family and a (very helpful – thank you) close friend, these two exchanged their vows under a canopy of beauty and love. We then climbed trees, laughed and shared stories as we went on to create photos and leave them with moments of happiness.

I know Cathedral Grove is a place one can celebrate for its vibrant colour, but there is something about these images that drew me to black and white – the texture, the solid simplicity,  the strength it brings out – perhaps something I see in Megan and Josh.

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Thank you to my assistant Amanda Snyder, I love adventuring with you.