10May '11

Meave and Frida – in my top ten

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This family is one of my favorite to photograph. There I said it. I have favorites. I first started photographing them with the birth of their eldest daughter Meave and it was a click. Me and Meave got each other, and her photos have since be used on my website and magazine covers. Then little sister Frida came along, and it was double the sweetness. These two have so much personality, both in very different ways and are so easy to play with.
What secured their place in my top ten though is their mom, who I knew I had to scoop up as a friend. She is fun, laid-back, honest and brilliant – I had to have her in my corner.

Their sessions are always a blast, this one involved a pair of swimming goggles, adorable dresses, a captain’s hat, and lots and lots of dancing to Shakira.

It was hard to pick what to blog, but these two jumped out at me. I love the spontaneity of the image on the right, and as for the one on the left – lately I am drawn to clean, nicely lit, crisp images that show the honest beauty of a child.