23Jan '12

Meant to be.. the Robertson’s

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The session has been planned on and off for months, for those of you who have ever lived in renovations or built a house, you understand, time and completion schedules are not what you expect them to be. It was worth the wait though, because despite the weeks before, the week after, and the weather forecast we had beautiful light streaming through the window. We photographed the Robertson’s as a “lifestyle session”. The session was planned to be in their home, that deserved its moment in the spotlight. This house was meant to be, it has been quite an ordeal for them to get to a point where they could put their feet up in their home and I am sure they would say it was definitely worth it. The house screams peace and modern at the same time – I fell in love with their kids, and loved playing with them on the great staircase that as well as being a fabulous design element seems to be a play focussed area of the house. 

Matt and Monique, you have give your kids a beautiful home to grow in, and obviously it is filled with love, joy and creativity – what a pleasure it was to document your beginning under this new roof.